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Bringing Hope Home

Bringing Hope Home

Bringing Hope Home is a 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to emotionally and financially supporting local families battling cancer in the Greater Philadelphia Area. They do so by paying bills to ensure that families are able to stay in their homes, with the lights on, heat pumped up, phones working and food on the table during their hard time.

The idea of Bringing Hope Home was started by our founder Paul Isenberg’s late-wife and legendary Great Gal, Nicole Isenberg. While she was pregnant with her second child Gabrielle, Nicole was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, cancer of the lymphoid tissue. After all of the love and support the Isenberg’s received over the years, Nicole decided to get all of the “great guys” and gals together for a Great Guys Dinner—a night to reconnect with loved ones, thank them for their support, and raise money for local families coping with cancer. Nicole did not want to keep any of the money from the event for her own family’s benefit. Even when Nicole was fighting her own battle with cancer she was selfless, elegant, and wanted to help others before herself.

One night during Nicole’s six year battle, a young boy knocked on the Isenberg’s door and handed Paul an envelope filled with cash donations from friends, neighbors, and others in the community that wanted to help their family. That night the boy delivered more than just financial support—rather he brought hope into the Isenberg’s home when it was desperately needed.

It is our goal to bring hope home to the families we serve, and not only offer them financial support, but emotional support as well. Nicole’s brave fight against cancer ended in August 2003. Since then, her “small idea” to get all of the great guys together has grown into a Great movement of Great people helping Great families.

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